Keep Baby Cool In Stroller
There are many products on the market that aim at keeping kids warm and comfortable during the cold Winter months, but no stroller accessories before Stroll -n- Cool that effectively keep kids Cooler and more comfortable on HOT Summer days. Hence, more time is spent outdoors in the Summer than in the Winter, so why not enjoy it together!
Stroller Cooler
Stroll -n- Cool was developed with Child & Parent in mind!
  1. To significantly reduce kid’s perspiration in their HOT strollers by providing comfortable cooling which in turn leads to a calmer, more content and cheerful child.

  2. To significantly improve the child-parent relationship when they’re strolling together. A happy and cheerful child will make their parent's outdoor experiences with them much more enjoyable and memorable!

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A Happy Child = A Happy Parent
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strollncool is a stroller accessory that makes your stroller cooler by reducing kids perspiration in their hot strollers