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Stroll -n- Cool FAQ's
You say that the Stroll -n- Cool will not give my child a chill such as water or gel based cool packs. Can you explain? The inner contents of the Stroll -n- Cool (the white powder or RPCM®) is scientifically formulated to absorb heat at or around 80° Fahrenheit. This temperature is approximately 10° to 12° cooler than your child’s skin temperature which is generally 90-92°F. When a warm body is in contact with the Stroll -n- Cool, it absorbs body heat until it is saturated and needs to be recharged. Thus, in hot temperatures, the Stroll -n- Cool will feel cool to the touch but never cold. After recharging and removing your Stroll -n- Cool from ice water, a refrigerator or freezer, you should allow it a few minutes before placing your child on it.

When I touch the Stroll -n- Cool with my hand at room temperature (70-72°F) it doesn’t feel very cool. Why not? This is because the ambient room temperature is lower than the 80° F temperature in which the Stroll -n- Cool begins to absorb heat. If you walk outside in temperatures exceeding 80° F, you will feel the cooling after a short period of time. Remember, this product is designed to keep your child cooler in warm to hot temperatures, not at room temperature where cooling is not needed. Additionally, if you put the back side of your hand under the fabric and onto the inner bladder that contains the RPCM® you will feel a slight cooling sensation even at room temperature.

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What should I do if the inner cavity is accidentally punctured exposing the RPCM®? If the puncture is not too big, you should tape it up using a durable packaging tape, preferably clear. Make sure you check it often to make sure the tape is adhering and replace if it is not. If the puncture is too large to repair, the only alternative is to discard the Stroll -n- Cool completely and purchase a replacement. The RPCM® is completely environmentally safe. It is biodegradable and can easily be discarded into a land fill, unlike petroleum based PCM products.

What should I do if the inner bladder is punctured and the RPCM® leaks out onto my child’s skin, is ingested, or gets into their bloodstream? Testing by ASTM methods indicate very mild to no irritation is expected, so you can easily wash it off with soap and water. Accidental exposure to the eyes and mucous membranes has been shown to produce very mild to no irritation (more specifically, less than that caused by a 4% baby shampoo and water solution). Ingestion may cause minor gastrointestinal irritation, but probably less than eating spicy food.

What exactly do you mean when you say Phase Change? Quite simply, a phase change occurs whenever matter changes from one form into another. To make it easy to understand, water changes phase from a liquid to a solid (ice) at 32° F and vice versa. The RPCM® when charged absorbs moisture from body heat when the temperature is above 80° F until it cannot absorb any more. Furthermore, this is when the RPCM® needs to be restored to its original state by cooling it down so that it can be re-used over and over again. Please refer to the RECHARGE/RESTORE CHART on the Products Tab for more information on recharging methods.

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