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Can we help transform your HOT strollers into Cool strollers? Can we help transform your HOT babies and HOT kids into Cool babies and Cool kids? We certainly can! We will significantly reduce your child’s sweating in a stroller as the following testimonials from satisfied customers point out!
Hi Rick!

“I was dreading taking my 5 month old to Florida in the middle of July when the weather is so hot but since my older children were on summer break we felt that it was the best time to visit. When I saw your Stroll -n- Cool at the Indy Baby Expo I knew I had to have them! I purchased two Stroll -n- Cools from you; we kept one Stroll -n- Cool in the cooler and one always “charged” under my baby. It made a HUGE difference, in fact my baby would rather sit in his stroller than be held, which he has NEVER wanted to do, and it was all because his stroller kept him cooler since it had the Stroll -n- Cool in it! I would HIGHLY recommend a Stroll -n- Cool to anyone who has a warm weather climate, it is one of the best products I have ever had for my children! Thank you!

Ashley M.

Noblesville, Indiana
Hi Rick,

“I wanted to let you know I was thrilled when I saw the box in the mail from you. I was so excited to open and try out my Stroll -n- Cool!!! During the summer months I teach StrollerFit classes outside and this has turned out to help keep my son cool during class. It can get quite hot and humid here and I have noticed that he doesn’t seem agitated on the hot days. The first day I used it with him, I immediately noticed how cool and dry his back and legs were when I got him out of the stroller. Usually on those days he is damp and hot…not that day…dry and happy!! It beats cold wet wash cloths any day! The Stroll -n- Cool is fabulous and will help get my son and I through the summer with StrollerFit. I personally think anyone with a stroller-aged child should have a Stroll -n- Cool. I am so glad to have seen your product at the Expo and even more thrilled that I have my own Stroll -n- Cool. Thanks so much!”

Shawnie P.

Fishers, Indiana

“The heat and humidity of a Florida summer can be very difficult to handle as an adult. As a child strapped into a stroller without much air circulation, it must be brutal. Upon receiving a wedding invitation for an outdoor wedding in June in Florida, I knew that we would be using our Stroll -n- Cool with our daughter to try to keep her more comfortable during the outdoor ceremony. While the rest of the attendees were fanning themselves and sweating in the open air, our daughter was sitting calmly in her stroller. When I’ve used the Stroll -n- Cool during my Stroller Fit classes, I’m amazed at how cool and dry my daughter feels when I get her out of her stroller. Her back is cool to the touch rather than sticky and hot. Other kids might be sweating or very red-cheeked but our little girl seems less flushed and more cool. Our Stroll -n- Cool is a definite keeper!”



“I don’t know if you have ever visited Alabama but there aren’t many places that are as hot and humid as BAMA! When I received Stroll -n- Cool I was very excited to begin using it. I noticed a difference right away with my daughter, no longer was she all hot and sticky on her back when she got out of the stroller after a walk to the park. Her back was dry and she was cool! Amazing!! In just the few weeks that we have been using the Stroll -n- Cool I have seen such a difference in how she wants to get in her stroller and enjoys going for walks again! I wish that I would have had one of these with my older daughter! I think that the Stroll -n- Cool should be a must have for any mom! Thank you so much!”


Hoover, Alabama

“I have a total new favorite product and that is the Stroll -n- Cool!!! It is fabulous! My friend sent me one after she had told me about how wonderful hers worked and I must say at first I was very skeptical but after our first use I so get what she was talking about! My son stayed cool and dry on my run today and this will so help as I train for my 1st marathon this summer! Thanks for helping BOTH of us survive this! I can’t wait to spread the word about the best new product out there! Thanks”


Leesburg, Virginia
Hi Rick,

“Yesterday was the first chance that I had to use my Stroll -n- Cool and it seemed to work well. I do a workout class called StrollerFit in the mornings at a local park. It gets pretty hot and humid this time of year in Houston, so my son usually gets sweaty sitting in the stroller while I work out. Yesterday when I took him out of the stroller at the end of class, he was dry and comfortable. I gave several other moms in the class the coupons that you sent with the Stroll -n- Cool. I have a feeling that you will be getting more orders! Great Product! Thanks!”

Lynn W.

Houston, Texas
“Recently I was able to use my Stroll -n- Cool. I took my son with me on a run. Prior to purchasing the Stroll -n- Cool, my son would get pretty flushed and would actually perspire while riding in our jogging stroller. When I used the Stroll -n- Cool, his cheeks did not flush, even though it was quite warm out, and he was so comfortable he fell asleep! I used to pick him up and I could feel the heat on his back, but when I used the Stroll -n- Cool his back felt normal. I was quite impressed at how well it worked. In fact, I am wondering whether or not I should order a second for his car seat! What a great product! Now you need to come up with an adult size! Thanks again for a great product!”

Jennifer D.

Noblesville, IN
Hi Rick,

“I have a 4 month old, and she was getting hot in the nylon backed stroller. The Stroll -n- Cool seems to work by keeping her temperature regulated. She seems comfortable and less sweaty. It gets so hot and humid here in Tokyo. Thanks!”

Lesley K.

Tokyo, Japan
“We love our Stroll -n- Cool. The Stroll -n- Cool keeps our son very comfortable in the humid summers of Cincinnati. We have taken our Stroll -n- Cool to outdoor festivals, on numerous walks, the zoo and more and I have been very pleased with the results. Without the Stroll -n- Cool, our son would be sweating and miserable on these hot humid days.”


Cincinnati, Ohio
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