Keep Baby Cool in Stroller
Stroll -n- Cool You & Your Child
Every Parent or Guardian who has taken a child for a ride in a stroller on a HOT Summer day has noticed significant perspiration on the child’s back, bottom, and the back of their legs once they are removed from the stroller.

Case In Point: Have you ever driven your car on a HOT Summer day without air conditioning? If you have, you will have experienced a very similar situation to what your child is experiencing, except your child doesn’t have the outdoor air blowing on them from the car’s movement to make it feel somewhat cooler. Nonetheless, your back and legs perspire rather significantly. The difference is that as adults, we can better cope with the heat. As children, they cope with it by becoming fidgety, irritable, cranky, crying etc. As a result, we as parents get stressed out and unhappy with our child’s behavior and many times let it ruin our whole day. Stroll -n- Cool aims at making the whole outdoor experience with your child much more enjoyable! It’s not outdoor air conditioning, but the next best thing!

Have you ever wondered how people who pose as mascots or costume characters at amusement parks survive the heat on HOT Summer days? Have you ever wondered how the U.S. military is able to cope with extremely HOT weather in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan? The same technology used to cool down the aforementioned is what makes Stroll -n- Cool effective. If phase change technology is sufficient in helping cool people in extreme conditions such as those just mentioned, don’t you think it will go a long way in providing comfort for your child?

Prevent Sweating On Hot Summer Days
A Happy Child = A Happy Parent
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