Keeping Kids Cooler in Their Strollers
Stroll -n- Cool Product Details
What the Stroll -n- Cool is and how it works:

Stroll -n- Cool is a universal liner for your child’s stroller which absorbs their warm body temperature, reduces perspiration and provides your child with comfortable cooling in the heat. It helps keep kids Cooler and more comfortable in their strollers on HOT Summer days.

The liner’s contents are constructed of biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous, renewable phase change materials (RPCM®) utilizing “green technology”. The RPCM® absorb heat, (such as your child’s body heat when in contact with the liner), thus providing a Cool, comfortable feeling for them.

Stroll -n- Cool is designed with open slots (voids) which allow the stroller straps (leg, waist, and shoulder straps) to pass through and it conforms to fit nearly all manufacturers’ strollers. In fact, we haven’t come across a stroller yet that it will not fit. The following picture shows a typical stroller application with the Stroll -n- Cool in place.

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Stroll -n- Cool is not a water based product such as cool packs which are extremely cold and uncomfortable to the touch. It will not give your child a chill, nor will it create any moisture or condensation. It is comfortably regulated to provide cooling right around 80° F, which is approximately 10° - 12° F cooler than your child’s skin temperature. When your child is initially in contact with the Stroll -n- Cool, they will feel a slight cooling effect since it is 10° - 12° F cooler than their skin temperature. After a short period of time, they may not notice the sensation at all because their body will acclimate to the cooler temperature. This is similar to when you jump into a pool of water at 80° F. Initially it feels cool, but in a short period of time your body adjusts to the cooler temperature and acclimates to make you feel comfortable. Thus, the Stroll -n- Cool is still providing comfortable cooling to your child.

The RPCM® (which looks like white powder in appearance) absorbs body heat and moisture until it becomes saturated and cannot absorb anymore. This is when the RPCM® needs to be recharged and restored back to its original state so it can effectively cool again. Stroll -n- Cool will provide a cooling effect for over two hours on 90° F plus days before it needs to be recharged and restored to its original state. (In temps. ranging from 80° F - 90° F it will last quite a bit longer). Recharging can be accomplished quickly by submerging the inner plastic part (which contains the RPCM® or white powder like substance) into a bag or cooler of ice water, or more slowly by bringing the Stroll -n- Cool into an air conditioned environment, typically 70°-72° F. The following chart will show you the approximate recharge times by various methods to restore the Stroll -n- Cool back to its original state 100%.

Recharging Method

Bag/Cooler of Ice Water

Freezer or Refrigerator

Room Temp. (70°-72° F)

Approximate Time

5-10 minutes

20-30 minutes

3-4 hours


Submerge Inner Plastic Part Only

Freeze or Refrig. Inner Plastic Part Only

Outer Fabric Cover Can Be Left On

Note: If using the ice water, refrigerator, or freezer method – make sure the inner plastic part (which contains the white RPCM®) is dry and comfortable to the touch before placing your child on the Stroll -n- Cool to avoid a chill. Also, your Stroll -n- Cool will not recharge back to its original state in temperatures exceeding 78° F. Do not leave in the trunk of your car overnight on HOT Summer days if you want to use it the next day.

Stroll -n- Cool can be re-used indefinitely for years on end without losing any of its cooling ability, simply recharge/restore and re-use.

Stroll -n- Cool was not designed to be cold, only comfortable. It was designed to absorb your child’s body heat and significantly reduce perspiration on their back, bottom and upper backside legs (the parts of their body that are in contact with it).

The Stroll -n- Cool's outer cover (fabric) is machine washable and the inner cavity, which contains the RPCM®, can be wiped down with dish detergent and warm water.

How to keep baby cool in stroller
Outer Fabric Cover

100% Cotton Consisting of non-toxic dyes

Inner Plastic Cavity


Contains Pure Temp Made in the USA
Made & Manufactured in the U.S.A
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